Festival costume

The Art of Costume Innovation

Our expertise

Creator of costumes, accessories and universes, a profession resulting from passions.

  • Shows: The costumes contribute to the emotional atmosphere and the aesthetics of a quality show. We find technical solutions to best meet the expectations of the director.

  • Product launch: The customer must be seduced in a few seconds to have the desire to … and we will make you attractive.

  • Carnival: We choose fabrics and accessories, adjust them according to the light, the solidity of the weaving … For a nice visual impact.

  • Corporate Parties: Theme parties, which require creative imagination, the sense of colors, shapes and a knowledge of the history of the costume.

  • Private parties: All the talent of the stylist is necessary to emphasize the silhouette, highlight the details of the costume, because you need tonight there, an exceptional outfit.

Our field of activity

  • Business (private, public)

  • Communication agency

  • Art groups (theaters, choreographers, musicians)
  • Photographers

  • Individuals

Our approach

  • To guide you in the realization of your project.

  • Look for festive events that are appropriate for valuing your brand and close to your target.

  • Look for costumes to create a character to bring your idea or brand to life “Because characters are vectors of advertising and have an impact without borders of generation”

Our objective

Better serve you by reducing intermediaries. Being the only interlocutor for your project, a dynamic that is synonymous with:

  • better listening

  • understanding of your ideas

  • privileged follow-up from conception to realization
  • substantial optimization of allocated budgets

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